Current Members

Dr. Craig RodgerProfessor (Beverly Professor of Physics)ResearcherID
Dr. Annika SeppäläAssociate ProfessorScopusID
Dr. Jono SquireAssociate ProfessorScopusID
Dr. Neil ThomsonAssociate Professor (retired) 
Dr. Mikhail KruglyakovResearch Fellow 
Dr. James Brundellpart-time Research FellowResearcherID
Dr. Romain MeyrandResearch Fellow 
Dr. Daniel Mac ManusPostdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Lisa EvansAssistant Research Fellow
Zade JohnstonPhD Student 
Hannah KessenichPhD Student 
Xinhu FengPhD student
Khurram AbbasPhD student
Tasmin Leonard-PatersonMSc Student
CJ BarnesHonours Student (2024)
George AlexanderHonours Student (2024) 

Contact details for all current members of the Space Physics Research Group can be found at the Staff Directory Listing and the Student Directory Listing.

Group photo taken near the Science III complex on 11 August 2023 (by the Staff Club)

The annual Space Physics image was updated Friday 11 August 2023. From left to right: Neil Thomson, Tasmin Leonard-Paterson, James Brundell, Hannah Kessenich, Zade Johnston, Annika Seppälä, Romain Meyrand, Craig Rodger, Jono Squire, Daniel Mac Manus, and Mikhail Kruglyakov. Unfortunately, Aaron Hendry missed the photo this year.

Recent Members

CJ BarnesSummer fellowship student (2023/24)
George AlexanderSummer fellowship student (2023/24)
Embla WihkSummer fellowship student (2023/24)
Tasmin Leonard-PatersonHonours Student (2023)
Dr. Aaron HendryPostdoctoral Fellow (2020-2023)
Devlin LyndenAssistant Research Fellow
Malcolm CrackMSc Student (2022/2023)
Daniel Mac ManusPhD Student (2019-2022)
Sophie CookMSc Student (2023)
Tasmin Leonard-PatersonSummer fellowship student (2022/23)
Petra FisherSummer fellowship student (2022/23)
Maia DeanSummer fellowship student (2022/23)
Maxwell BusbySummer fellowship student (2022/23)
Anna TarrAssistant Research Fellow
Harrison DevaneHonours Student (2022)
Jayvan LiuHonours Student (2022)
Sophie CookHonours Student (2022)
Jackson FowlerHonours Student (2022)
Sam BelcherMSc Student
Ryan DavisMSc Student
Zade JohnstonMSc Student
Harrison DevaneSummer fellowship student (2021/22)
Maia DeanSummer fellowship student (2021/22)
Tasmin Leonard-PatersonSummer fellowship student (2021/22)
Mehara SalpadoruSummer fellowship student (2021/22)
Sophie CookSummer fellowship student (2021/22)
Yuna BarbenelSummer fellowship student (2021/22)
Malcolm CrackSummer fellowship student (2021/22)
Keeta Chapman-SmithMSc Student
Viktoria NordstromMSc Student
Malcolm CrackHonours Student (2021)
Chris HillHonours Student (2021)
Sophie CookSummer fellowship student (2020/21)
Sam BelcherSummer fellowship student (2020/21)
Keeta Chapman-SmithHonours Student (2020)
Sam BelcherHonours Student (2020)
Zade JohnstonHonours Student (2020)
Ryan DavisHonours Student (2020)
Emily GordonMSc Student
Viktoria NordstromSummer fellowship student (2019/20)
Sophie CookSummer fellowship student (2019/20)
Dr. Tim DivettPostdoctoral Fellow
Emma DoumaPhD Student
Daniel Mac ManusMSc Student
Harriet GeorgeHonours Student (2018)
Emily GordonHonours Student (2018)
Oliver KingSummer fellowship student (2017/18)
Aaron HendryPhD Student
Nathan WilliamsHonours Student (2017)
Daniel Mac ManusSummer fellowship student (2016/17)
Daniel Mac ManusHonours Student (2016)
Dr. Neil ThomsonAssociate Professor (retired April 2016)
Kathy Cresswell-MoorcockPhD Student – withdrew for medical reasons March 2016
Daniel Mac ManusSummer fellowship student (2015/16)
Emma DoumaSummer fellowship student (2014/15)
Dr. Ian WhittakerPostdoctoral Fellow
Alexander SchwertheimPGDipSci Student (2014)
Emma DoumaHonours Student (2014)
Kathy Cresswell-MoorcockMSc Student (2013-2014)
Jason NealMSc Student (2013-2014)
Timothy MarshallSummer fellowship student (2013/14)
Jason NealSummer fellowship student (2012/13)
Kathy Cresswell-MoorcockSummer fellowship student (2012/13)
Jason NealHonours student (2012)
Kathy Cresswell-MoorcockPGDipSci Student (2012)
Dr. Mea Simon WedlundPhD Student (her second PhD) – withdrew for medical reasons September 2012
Bonar CarsonMSc Student (completed early 2012)
Aaron HendrySummer fellowship student (2011/12)
Aaron HendryHonours student (2011)
Dr. Rory GamblePhD Student (completed 2011)
Nicholas HananeiaPGDipSci Student (2010)
Robert McCormickMSc Student (completed 2010)
Sarah DietrichMSc Student (completed 2009)
Bonar CarsonHonours Student (2009)
Sarah DietrichHonours Student (2007)
Johnny DownsHonours Student (2007)
Mikhail TurnerHonours Student (2007)
Simon StewartSummer scholarship student (2005/06)
Greg McdowellHonours Student (2005)
Greg MastersHonours Student (2006)
Oliver StigleySummer scholarship student (2004/05)
Jonathan NielsenHonours Student (2004)
Michael GrantHonours Student (2004)
Simon WernerHonours Student (2003)
Peter ThompsonHonours Student (2003)
Robert McCormickHonours Student (2001)
Israel WaldromHonours Student (2001)


Dr. Mark Clilverdregular collaborator & yearly visitorBritish Antarctic Survey (UK)
Assoc. Prof. Allison JaynesJanuary – May 2024University of Iowa (USA)
Dr. Pauline DredgerFebruary 2024University of Michigan (USA)
Dr. Dan WellingFebruary 2023 & February 2024University of Michigan (USA)
Dr. Aaron HendryJanuary 2024British Antarctic Survey (UK)
Dr. Harriet GeorgeNovember 2023University of Colorado Boulder (USA)
Prof. Richard HorneFebruary/March 2023British Antarctic Survey (UK)
Dr. Yuki ObanaFebruary 2011, March 2012, 2013 2014, February 2015, August 2016, March 2017, September 2017,  September 2018, February 2019, October 2022, and February 2023.Kyushu University (Japan)
Dr. Keisuke HosokawaSeptember 2018, and February 2023.Tokyo Electro-Communication University (Japan)
Dr. Aaron HendryDecember 2019/January 2020, October 2019, and December 2018/January 2019Institute of Atmospheric Physics,
The Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech)
Prof. Bob LysakFebruary 2019University of Minnesota
Prof. Esa Turunen, Dr. Antti Kero, and Dr. Jia JiaOctober 2018Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (Finland)
Dr. Maxime GrandinOctober 2018Helsinki University (Finland)
Ji-Hee LeeOctober 2018Korea Polar Research Institute (Republic of Korea)
Dr. Tanja PetersonDr. Wiebke Heise, and Dr. Ted BertrandSeptember 2018GNS Science (New Zealand)
Kamran MukhtarSeptember 2018Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Moritz WolfResearch Intern (2016/2017)Munich University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
Prof. Fran BagenalMarch 2017University of Colorado Boulder (USA)
Dr. Gemma KellyFebruary 2017 and August-September 2018British Geological Survey (UK)
Dr. Alan Thomson and Ellen ClarkeMay 2016 and September-October 2018British Geological Survey (UK)
Dr. Malcolm InghamMay 2016 and September 2018Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
Michael DalzellMay 2016 and September 2018Transpower New Zealand Ltd.
Assoc. Prof. Adrian McDonaldDecember 2013 and October 2014University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
Dr. Monika AnderssonJanuary 2014Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)
Dr. Pekka VerronenNovember 2006 and January 2014Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)
Dr. Mark ClilverdJan-April 2014 (sabbatical)British Antarctic Survey (UK)
Neil CobbettJanuary-February 2011 and 2014British Antarctic Survey (UK)
Prof. Anthony ChanJuly-August 2012, July 2013 and July 2014Rice University (USA)
Assoc. Prof. Sushil KumarJanuary-April 2011University of the South Pacific (Fiji)
Dr. Steve Cummersabbatical 2009Duke University (USA)
Dr. Annika Seppälätwo collaboration visits (2006 & 2007), now one of our staff!Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)
Dr. János Lichtenbergertwo collaboration visits (2005 & 2007)Eötvös University (Hungary)
Dr. Fred MenkJanuary 2008University of Newcastle (Australia)
Dr. Esa TurunenNovember 2005 Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (Finland)
Tom BrouxSummer intern 2004/05Technical University Eindhoven (Holland)
Dr. Bob Holzworthmid-2004University of Washington (USA)
Erin Laymid-2004University of Washington (USA)
Dr. John GrunsfeldJune 2002NASA (USA)

You can learn more about our research activities by looking at our page About the Space Physics Group.